How to Spot KO Transformers Right Now – Part 3

For a while I’ve been interested in cataloguing the differences between official Transformers and their knockoffs, like a digital guide if you’re, say, purchasing something used on eBay, or making a trade or the like. My usual caveat: This is not a guide to obviously-altered knockoffs, or knockoffs with a new name, but rather, the ones that portray themselves 100% as the real thing.

Note: After the last article I got a lot of messages saying, “but some KO’s make improvements on the originals,” and I just want to remind you that I am not talking about KO’s with improvements, ones that are oversized, majorly recolored, or anything other than the ones pretending to be real.

Anyway, here are some more examples to check out.

Some Differences On The KO Masterpiece Hound

Credit goes to @MP39 on Weibo for these great photos.

Something we have seen several times before is the differences in the corrugation depth of the cardboard on the boxes. You’ll note that, on the real thing the striation lines are more clearly evident. To better see this, tilt the box in the light.

Some have also noted that the faction symbols on the KO are noticeably blurry, and I think you can see here the increased delineation around the symbol on the official.

Here are two to look for: This structure on the official is flush with the surface, while on the KO it’s recessed by a noticeable amount. The grill also seems to have a green tint on the official that appears to have been “knocked out” just a touch on the KO.

One More Difference On The KO Beast Wars Megatron

Credit goes to Ben’s Collectibles on Youtube for this still.

I already did a section on this guy, but here’s one more difference to note: The translucence of the KO’s eye is a lot higher, this may or may not have something to do with the light effects.

If you have any KO “tells” you want to share just drop me a line and I will make sure I cover them in the next update.

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