How to Spot KO Transformers Right Now – Part 3

For a while I’ve been interested in cataloguing the differences between official Transformers and their knockoffs, like a digital guide if you’re, say, purchasing something used on eBay, or making a trade or the like. My usual caveat: This is not a guide to obviously-altered knockoffs, or knockoffs with a new name, but rather, the ones that portray themselves 100% as the real thing.

Note: After the last article I got a lot of messages saying, “but some KO’s make improvements on the originals,” and I just want to remind you that I am not talking about KO’s with improvements, ones that are oversized, majorly recolored, or anything other than the ones pretending to be real.

Anyway, here are some more examples to check out.

Some Differences On The KO Masterpiece Hound

Credit goes to @MP39 on Weibo for these great photos.

Something we have seen several times before is the differences in the corrugation depth of the cardboard on the boxes. You’ll note that, on the real thing the striation lines are more clearly evident. To better see this, tilt the box in the light.

Some have also noted that the faction symbols on the KO are noticeably blurry, and I think you can see here the increased delineation around the symbol on the official.

Here are two to look for: This structure on the official is flush with the surface, while on the KO it’s recessed by a noticeable amount. The grill also seems to have a green tint on the official that appears to have been “knocked out” just a touch on the KO.

One More Difference On The KO Beast Wars Megatron

Credit goes to Ben’s Collectibles on Youtube for this still.

I already did a section on this guy, but here’s one more difference to note: The translucence of the KO’s eye is a lot higher, this may or may not have something to do with the light effects.

If you have any KO “tells” you want to share just drop me a line and I will make sure I cover them in the next update.

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2 thoughts on “How to Spot KO Transformers Right Now – Part 3

  1. Really informative.a need for any true collector.i encourage you to continue as…well as you may know …you are doing the collecting community a great service.many are overpaying for ko’s when they are told try are the real deal.i would rather know I’m buying a ko and pay a ko price..not buy a ko thinking I’m buying the real deal and paying the price of the legit product..for one it’s fraud..and most try to get away with it saying..I was told it was the real thing.. clearly they shouldn’t be saying so if they have no experience and selling the stuff saying that they are until they know what they are doing but…you know…..i have educated myself through YouTube videos and store owners..and on my own experiences of being duped in my early collecting days.. unfortunately that’s how you learn..lmao..btw you saw a megatron post of mine earlier today…I would like to clarify that it is absolutely ok to use my pics and examples etc..I do not need to be credited..but if you feel you should do all Finnish I would like to applaud your work I appreciate it and it is needed..I want to continue if you have any more info please feel free to email me on your catalogue of transformers..I have about 17 now..but I’m getting hound mp-47 soon so again thanks for the info and heads up..

    1. Jason, thank you SO much, you really seem to get what I had in mind when I started these articles. So many think I’m shaming KOs, but that’s not the case at all. I just want people, ESPECIALLY buying aftermarket, to have a place to go to check and make sure they are getting what they paid for. Thank you so much for letting me use your great information and photos. The KO tip-offs you have spotted TOTALLY escaped me and I can’t wait to write further on them. Thank you again for your time spent reading here, it is fantastic to hear from you and we’ll stay in touch!

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