Takara Tomy Masterpiece Beast Wars Tigatron Review

Initially, when Masterpiece Tigatron was announced, I was a big objector to the price point. I have every Masterpiece Beast Wars figure so far, and, just to recap, they started breaking $200 with Dinobot and continued with Megatron. In the original Beast -Wars toy line Tigatron was a repaint of Cheetor and therefore I assumed that Masterpiece Tigatron was simply going to be an up-sized repaint of Masterpiece Cheetor.

I’m happy to report that Masterpiece Tigatron is far more than a repaint. Though his robot mode looks similar to Cheetor, how it’s arrived at is different at nearly every point along the way.

Tigatron’s accessories include: The Megatron head puzzle Tigatron encountered, a data transmission cable (these are all from, “that episode” as Bobby Skullface says). 4 faces, a flight stand adapter, rockets for his lower arm panel, and his “brain gun” (which you can stow in alt mode).

Some have rued the fact that he doesn’t come with an actual flight stand, a precedence which many were hoping was established with Masterpiece Dinobot a while back.

The paint really gleams, semi-metallic and spectacular. The white vary a bit, but they compliment nicely. Tigatron’s backpack seems to hold in place a little better than MP Cheetor.

The tiger mode is fairly chunky, considerably larger and more rounded than Masterpiece Cheetor. I looked up some pictures of white tigers, and I must say he looks very accurate. A couple of pieces of colored metal show through, but that may actually be show accurate. The skin is nice and satin-y, the stripes well placed, and a return of the fiber-optic looking plastic whiskers. Tigatron, as opposed to Masterpiece Cheetor, used his actual tiger head, rather than a faux piece (many will love that change).

Tigatron, as opposed to Masterpiece Cheetor, used his actual tiger head, rather than a faux piece (many will love that change).

That beautiful Beast Wars card art is present.

His scale is sublime. I don’t think all of us realized how much bigger he was than Cheetor in the cartoon, but it’s clear now. I we thoroughly surprised by Masterpiece Tigatron. I caught him for less on Amazon Japan, but if you have the spare change and love Beast Wars, then know that this entry is a really solid standout.

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