Transformers Earthrise Runamuck: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Runamuck and Runabout were Battlechargers, a motorized (pull back start) pair of G1 Transformers, who appeared in most of the comics, and the latter part of the G1 cartoon. They’re back, years later, and I have the new Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Runamuck in my hands.

Runamuck cleary resembles his IDW version which, to me, is super cool, because the comic rebooted, and I don’t want all of their great work to go away. Runamuck comes with a nice-sized pistol, that pegs fine, and I think it’s worth mentioning that Hasbro added “faux pull back start” wheels as his heel spurs (pretty brilliant).

Here is a look at the IDW versions.

The Alt mode is a “9” when it comes to tabbing, and what kind of car is this? Because I am in love with it. Nice paint on the rims, Decepticon faction symbol looks great on that white. Weapon port is right on top.

No pull-to-start here though, if that is even a concern to you. Nice smoked “glass” in the car windows is used throughout.

The Good: A lot. Great paint, great face sculpt, long-needed character, and a pretty unique alt mode for the set.

The Bad: Not a lot, for the price point it’s pretty fantastic. The articulation in the legs is hindered by the only pivot being at the top of the leg. The forward movement of the legs is fine, but the backward movement gets partially halted.

The Ugly: Runamuck is available, but Runabout is a Target Exclusive, some have had trouble attaining those in the past.

I highly recommend picking both up. Earthrise continues on their roll.

Order them here.

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