How To Spot KO Transformers Right Now

This article isn’t about the knockoffs that say they’re from “Tamika Tawny” instead of “Takara Tomy” or “Hardhead” is named “Thick Skull,” this is about the KOs that seemingly give no warning that they are not the official product. “Right Now” because this is all very specific to this moment in time and could change at any moment.

Looks real doesn’t it? Well, surprise, it is not. Some unscrupulous companies are trying to completely fake the official product. They are doing it with more speed and efficiency now than ever. Here are a few things to look for to make sure you don’t get scrapped when you purchase a Masterpiece Transformer.

No Hologram

I don’t know why they go so far to recreate the packaging and skip such a simple step, but most KOs do not have a hologram sticker on the bottom. Now, not all Takara MPs have holograms, so you are going to want to Google whether the figure in question should carry one or not.

The real thing is rather unmistakable. Sometimes they will put a shiny sticker there, but it’s extremely rare to find a KO with a full-on hologram sticker on the bottom.

Faction Symbol

Well, everything looks right here, it just…wait a minute!

Hachi machi. Again, such a small step and they would have nailed it. For some reason the KO companies have trouble getting the triangle onto the forehead of the Autobot and Decepticon faction symbols, loads of videos on the KOs don’t mention this for some reason.

Both sides of the war face this issue it seems.

Here is the real deal. If you’re reading this, you are probably able to spot the difference.

All In The Hands

This is odd and specific, but sometimes parts from other companies will be substituted for the real thing. This KO Soundwave for instance, seems to come equipped with hands that are remarkably similar to Keith’s Fantasy Club pose-able hands.

The Ultimate Rule of Thumb
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you see a Masterpiece Transformer priced around $30, or half the price it’s supposed to be, immediately start questioning, then ask to see all of the items listed above.


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5 thoughts on “How To Spot KO Transformers Right Now

  1. Very good information! I was sold retail MP price for a KO (no sticker on the box and no triangle in the Decepticon logo.) Hopefully, I won’t have to report them.

  2. Hey, thanks for this article.
    Does the information about holograms still apply? Here’s a review of MP Ultra Magnus and Delta Magnus.
    At around 2:12 it shows the bottoms of the boxes – no holograms. But these seem to be the real things. Is there any way of telling KO versions of Masterpiece Ultra and Delta Magnus just from the boxes? Thanks.

    1. Hi Carn! The KO of MP Ultra Magnus has a completely different box and it’s labelled “THF Hyper Magnum.” I’m not aware of a KO besides Hyper Magnum. Incidentally: He has a reengineered back piece.

      1. Hi Dusty, many thanks for this. I’ve found a Delta Magnus that I can *almost* afford, so I think I’ll risk it!

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