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The Penguin from Batman.
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The Penguin

He’s a tough character to get right. I made about 12 sketches before penciling this.

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Sometimes I Design Dresses, and Other Confessions

I always give high praise to clothing designers because I am in awe of all of the different things they… read more Sometimes I Design Dresses, and Other Confessions

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The Red Hood

I just finished reading a Red Hood: Outlaw TPB so I was inspired. This is just from memory, and I’m… read more The Red Hood

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Omega Supreme

Here are my pencils of Omega Supreme, focusing on major detail. I used a (0.7mm lead), I just ordered a… read more Omega Supreme

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I did this with a Pentel mechanical pencil, and Faber-Castell Pitt Pens.

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Spider-Woman in Moleskine

I try to stay limber by sketching in a Moleskine every chance I get. Here’s a loose, energetic, sketch of… read more Spider-Woman in Moleskine

Pilot Precise V5 Pen
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The Pilot Precise V5: Pleasant Supplies

Clocking in at around $1.80, the Pilot Precise V5 is one of the best budget pens I’ve ever reviewed.

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Wreck of the Halifax

I drew this in a Moleskine while waiting to be picked at jury duty. I used a Pentel mechanical pencil… read more Wreck of the Halifax

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Details, Details

I really enjoy it when Transformer art has a lot of the real toys detail included. Here’s a picture of… read more Details, Details

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The Pentel GraphGear 800 WILL Get Your Mom’s Number.

I spent years using the trusty Pentel Sharp P207, but a couple of years ago, my favorite mechanical pencil became… read more The Pentel GraphGear 800 WILL Get Your Mom’s Number.

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Lost Light Rodimus

Just starting to read IDW’s Lost Light. New Faber-castell brush pen greys I bought on sale at Utrecht.

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  Kind of a “Transformers Animated” version of Shockwave.

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I’d Know it Anywhere

As always, I’m using the trust P22 Sharp from Pentel and Faber0Castell Pitt Pens, and a highlighter. The quote is… read more I’d Know it Anywhere

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Jason Voorhees

Faber Castell Pitt Pens and the new Pentel GraphGear 800 0.7mm mechanical pencil I’m trying out. As always, I use… read more Jason Voorhees

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Brainiac (DC Super Powers)

I love the old Brainiac from DC Super Powers in the 80’s.