The Top 5 Twilight Zone Shero-centric Episodes, that You Need Right Now

Many may argue that some of these women are “damsels in distress,” but I would put forward that they are women in dire situations doing whatever they have to to survive. Rod Serling claimed he wasn’t “at his best” when writing for women, but he and his staff of writers, directors, and show runners, pulled off some episodes with female leads that really shattered the glass ceiling of television.

#5 The Hitch-Hiker

Nan Adams is traveling across country and she is beset by a mysterious hitchhiker that shows up town after town. He follows her until she begins to lose your grip on reality, can she break free of this strange figure while she still has her life?

#4 Uncle Simon

An aging woman has spent her life caring for her uncle Simon, he is old and cruel, and he persecutes her. He dies in a manner I won’t spoil for you, and then he leaves her a rather strange inheritance.

#3 Mirror Image

This episode is of import due to the fact that it has been stated as an inspiration for the 2019 film Us. Millicent Barns tries to catch a bus, but realities collide and she finds herself one step behind her doppleganger from another dimension.

#2 The Midnight Sun

Norma is an artist trapped in her apartment in a dystopian world where the earth hurtles towards the sun. There is no law, and gangs traverse the land, taking what they will. Will Norma have what it takes to survive in this nightmare world?

#1 The Invaders

A woman lives alone in the woods and she is beset by a group of tiny invaders. They creep in through every crack in her farm house, attacking her with stings of electricity. Where are these creatures from, and how will she survive the night?

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