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I don’t own a lot of third party figures, but it was hard to pass up the solid deal that is DX9’s Invisible. This is a “masterpiece-scale” Mirage figure, which is something Hasbro hasn’t gotten around to yet. I paid in the high 50’s on eBay which feels like a deal once you get it in hand. Invisible has good weight and heft, solid design, and an intuitive transformation that make the cost seem very worth it.

DX9’s Box art has a brilliant unified look to it, each with the figure prominently displayed face forward under a classically-designed logo for the character. The individual characters box art reflects the era of the figures alt mode. I think it’s interesting to note that DX9 has foregone homaging the existing Hasbro boxes, which is an interesting direction for them to go.

The first thing you might notice about Invisible is that he seems to share design properties with Hasbro’s Classics Mirage. Cartoon accuracy is not the main aim here, more to have a solid, tough-looking, representation of Mirage in the larger “Masterpiece-scale” size. It’s important to mention, however, that while they share properties, Invisible does not have the weird exaggerated proportions of Classics Mirage and is closer in shape to a G1 cartoon Transformer.

Many criticize the face, feeling it is too “generic” and lacks the Egyptian stylings of G1 Mirage, or Ocular Max’s Sphinx. No doubt that a collector that prizes cartoon-accuracy above all else may prefer the aforementioned Sphinx, but for my personal taste, I prefer the bot that looks tougher, and to me that is embodied in Invisible’s wide shoulders and stout legs.

 Invisible’s vehicle mode is nice, with some awesome chrome, missing, most notably to me, Mirage’s red pin striping on the white areas. There is, of course, a Reprolabel for that.

He pretty much scales perfectly with other Masterpiece figures, and his finish and the finish of his weapon are also a great fit. I don’t think you can go wrong buying Invisible, he’s a well built bot, the transformation is satisfying, the materials shine with metal pieces and rubber tires. DX9 seems determined to march to the beat of a different drummer and I’m loving it.


(Photo Credit for Ocular Max Sphinx: The Chosen Prime)

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