How To Spot KO Transformers Right Now – Part 4 – Masterpiece Tigatron

Credit: 逝焱Lee and TransFans

So, if you’re taking notes, this is the “no name brand” KO of Masterpiece Tigatron. History may dub it, “the first KO MP Tigatron.” Early reports say it hasn’t improved the soft knee joints that plagued the real thing. This is a guide to spotting it, in case you purchase it loose on eBay, or something of the like. If you buy it in the box it’s fine, the box is plain and clearly doesn’t resemble the real thing. I don’t know why you’d be buying a loose MP Tigatron, but let’s say hypothetically the situation has presented itself.

That Digital Look

This time, the pixelated look is on the official. This is an attempt to reproduce the “90’s look of Transformers Beast Wars CG graphics. On the knockoff the stripes are mostly solid and do not break up at the edge. Also, this hip seems to have a really busted looking screw.

Tiger Paws

On the paws, the knockoff fills in the holes of the official, and adds an odd crescent moon shape on the toes. It’s weird, but it happened.

Gut Gun Paint

Easy to note, is that the grip of the “gut gun” has white paint on the knockoff and off-white on the official.

Gloss Vs. Tiger Sheen

Clearly, the overall paint job on the knockoff has a glossier finish than the official, note the shine. Again, you can make out the lack of “pixelization” in the facial stripes.

More of the same here, this key combo will immediately show the difference between the two versions.

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If you have any “KO tells” you’ve spotted lately, let me know. If I use them in a future article I will credit them and link your site!

Update! Cat Collar Cover

Shouts to Carlos Yao for pointing out one more difference that I’m going to add to the “database.” The collar behind Tigatron’s head features a “cover” on the official that doesn’t appear on the KO. Also, if you look to the left, you’ll note that a screw appears where there isn’t one on the official.

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