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Wreck of the Halifax

I drew this in a Moleskine while waiting to be picked at jury duty. I used a Pentel mechanical pencil… read more Wreck of the Halifax

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Titans Return Optimus Prime

I’ve been using the Pentel GraphGear 800 (PG807), 0.7mm mechanical pencil, and inking with Faber-Castell Pitt Pens. This is an… read more Titans Return Optimus Prime

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Flying Dutchmen

I’ve been fascinated with the tales of The Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship never allowed to return to port. It… read more Flying Dutchmen

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      This is Insecticon Bombshell from Transformers Generation 1, I pencilled it with a Pentel P22 and inked… read more Bombshell

Brainiac vs Superman
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I’ve always loved the Brainiac from the 80’s DC Comic Super Powers (successor to The Super Friends). He was a… read more Brainiac

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This is from a couple of years ago. Faber-Castell brush pen on the red