DX9 Invisible Review

I don’t own a lot of third party figures, but it was hard to pass up the solid deal that is DX9’s Invisible. This is a “masterpiece-scale” Mirage figure, which is something Hasbro hasn’t gotten around to yet. I paid in the high 50’s on eBay which feels like a Continue Reading

Flying Dutchmen

I’ve been fascinated with the tales of The Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship never allowed to return to port. It may have been based on reflections on the ocean’s surface making ships in the distance appear to float several feet off of the surface. Please follow and like us:

How to Tighten A Ball Joint on A Transformer

One problem transformers get as they age is loose joints. On a lot of the older figures, this can be remedied by the tightening of screws, but the newer figures are designed to come apart rather than break when forced, resulting in the usage of more ball joints. I’m going Continue Reading

Transformers of 1988: Targetmaster Quickmix

The ’88 Transformers are odd to me. They started using big areas of solid color depicted in plastic rather than paint (also the year they stopped having rub sign faction symbols to delineate real figures from knockoffs, a practice that would return for nostalgia’s sake years later). The face sculpts Continue Reading

How To Clean And Remove Labels from A Transformer

Have you ever seen a nice, vintage, Transformer on eBay and thought “most of that aging looks cosmetic?” Well, here is a technique I use to clean a Transformer, remove the stickers (“labels” if you choose), and reapply new stickers to have a fresh and clean-looking collector’s item. I got Continue Reading


      This is Insecticon Bombshell from Transformers Generation 1, I pencilled it with a Pentel P22 and inked it with Faber-Castell Pitt Pens, the color was done in Photoshop Please follow and like us:


I’ve always loved the Brainiac from the 80’s DC Comic Super Powers (successor to The Super Friends). He was a robot with an exposed brain and he rode around space in a big skull ship. I drew this in pencil, inked it with Faber-Castell Pitt Pens, and colored it using Continue Reading

Transformers: Decepticon Kickback (Insecticon)

Generation one Decepticon Kickback, I was trying to use a lot of black on this one… Please follow and like us:

Transformers Armada Galvatron: How I Do It

First, it’s pencils on paper (Pentel P207): Then Faber-Castell Pitt Pens over that: Then, color in Photoshop… Please follow and like us:

Transformers Combiner Wars Autobot Optimus Prime

    The Combiner Wars Optimus Prime is actually a really great mold. He’s a little short and stocky, but well articulated and powerful looking. Please follow and like us:

Transfomers Generation 1: Dragstrip (Decepticon Stunticon)

Dragstrip showed up as the odd man out in the Combiner Wars series. I decided I would get in on the fun. Please follow and like us:

Optimus Prime: Wrecked

I never know where to start these things. How about here? Optimus Prime climbs from the rubble. Pencil on paper. Please follow and like us: