The Night Gallery Dastardly Dozen

I used to think “Night Gallery” was just a Twilight Zone reel dropped in a bottle of Jovan Musk, but it’s really much more. Here are a few deep cuts you’ll want to check out.

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The Caterpillar – A British expatriate, exiled to a South American jungle, plans to kill the husband of a female interest using a brain-burrowing earwig.


The Other Way Out – Deliverance meets I Know What You did Last Summer, with Burl Ives as a delightful and deadly hillbilly.


The Cemetery – A rich old man lies dying and an unknown nephew (Roddy McDowell) creeps out of the woodwork to claim his fortune. When his uncle passes, the parasitic McDowell finds the old man isn’t quite done with him yet.


The Doll – A British traveler returns home to find an enemy has sent a cursed doll to his house and the nanny has unwittingly given it to his daughter. The man tried to get rid of the doll, but the doll has other plans.

Night Gallery Earthquaqes Herbie

The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes – A young Clint Howard is super cute as a kid who spouts off about nonsense then predicts the future every now and then. A producer puts him on TV and his show goes good, until one day the kid doesn’t want to say what happens tomorrow.


Deliveries in the Rear – A Doctor at a teaching hospital  will do anything to further forensic science, including purchasing bodies on the black market. He deals with the underworld, but where are the bodies coming from? The police have an idea.


Sins of the Father – A young Richard Thomas (“The Americans”) is the son of a sin-eater, an ancient profession of people that eat at a funeral to absorb the dying persons sins. His father falls ill, and the son decides to pose as a sin-eater to steal food and feed his family, he executes his plan, but at what cost?

Pickman’s Model – A controversial art teacher in a London suburb has a strange connection to an urban legend about underground cannibals that supposedly roamed the city years ago. When his art begins to feature the monsters, is he painting from life?


Cool Air – A young lady is obsessed with an aging Spanish renaissance man confined to his bedroom by a rare disease. His surroundings must be kept in complete cold, or else he will die.


The Diary – Patty Duke is a gossip reporter that receives a diary that tells the future, but what happens on the day it goes blank?


A Question of Fear – Leslie Nielsen is a mercenary for hire who fears nothing. But when a bar bet has him spend the night in a haunted house, a secret nemesis will put him to the ultimate test of courage.

Joanna-Pettet-Night-Gallery-House-1970 (2)

The House – A woman purchases a house that is supposedly haunted and begins having half-awake dreams that a car is pulling up and a ghost is there to greet her. But just who is this ghost, and why can’t she ever answer the door in her vision?

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    1. Tom, “McBanes” is a fantastic episode! I’ll need to make sure it gets a place on the list next time! I’ve been thinking about reviewing the individual seasons.

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