Flying Dutchmen


I’ve been fascinated with the tales of The Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship never allowed to return to port. It may have been based on reflections on the ocean’s surface making ships in the distance appear to float several feet off of the surface.

How to Tighten A Ball Joint on A Transformer

One problem transformers get as they age is loose joints. On a lot of the older figures, this can be remedied by the tightening of screws, but the newer figures are designed to come apart rather than break when forced, resulting in the usage of more ball joints. I’m going to tell you how to tighten a ball joint using this Classics Series Dragstrip from 2008, his feet are so loose that they can barely support him, this has to be remedied.


First, take the ball jointed piece and pop it out of it’s socket as seen below. Here I have removed both of Dragstrip’s feet, just try not to make a screaming sound as you do it.


Here is the titular ball (note to self: reword this sentence).


And here is the socket the ball goes into.


Using clear fingernail polish, apply one coat and let it dry for 10 minutes, resist the urge to do several coats at once. After you have gotten a couple of coats on, allow the ball to dry thoroughly, then try it back in the socket, this will show you if it is tight enough yet. If it’s not tight enough, separate the ball joint again and apply a couple more layers of the clear fingernail polish, repeat this until you are satisfied with the results.


After just a short time, your Transformer will be standing on his own like a big boy. Who wants juice?


Transformers of 1988: Targetmaster Quickmix


The ’88 Transformers are odd to me. They started using big areas of solid color depicted in plastic rather than paint (also the year they stopped having rub sign faction symbols to delineate real figures from knockoffs, a practice that would return for nostalgia’s sake years later). The face sculpts are really cool though, as seen in Quickmix and Quake. Good news part two is that you can get them pretty cheap (except Needlenose). I’m trying to concentrate on not missing an shadows in my recent pieces. A lot of the great Transformer art I’ve seen recently has stark black areas depicting shadows in logical locations and it adds to the depth.